We have designed our schools to nurture a rich intellectual life for teachers. We give our faculty access to the most accomplished master teachers and the most sophisticated professional learning opportunities in the country.

Progressive Education Institute

The new Progressive Education Institute, led by an extraordinary team of master educators and located on our 124th Street campus, will prepare new teachers to bring exquisite instruction to children who need it the most. The Progressive Education Institute was recently featured in the New York Times.

A Month of Vibrant Learning Every Summer

HVA’s annual month of learning is the centerpiece of our continual improvement cycle. This month gives teachers an opportunity for reflection on the prior year and planning for the upcoming year. Starting with our opening Community Day and culminating with our Closing Ceremony, it is truly a special experience. Teachers observe master lessons, develop unit plans, study pedagogical methods, improve school systems -- all while playing ping pong, basketball, yoga or dancing, eating real fruit pops, and building bonds of friendship with colleagues throughout our school system.

Instructional Coaching

Throughout the school year, teachers receive individual or small group instructional coaching and feedback. A typical coaching cycle may involve a brief seminar, professional reading, observing a master teacher, co-planning a lesson, teaching the lesson, reviewing and analyzing a video of one’s own teaching, looking at student work from the lesson, then reflecting on the cycle with colleagues or a mentor.

Looking at Student Work

During our authentic assessment sessions, teachers look at student work together and discuss implications for instruction and curriculum. While we do analyze quantitative assessment data, we do not value shallow analysis of numbers alone. We value deep analysis and thoughtful discussions of student work.

Lectures and Guest Speakers

Our in-house master teachers and coaches will offer monthly and bimonthly lectures based on teacher needs and topics of interest. In addition we invite experts from the field as needed for full-day speaking engagements as requested by our teachers.

School Visits, Conferences and Retreats

Over the years we have taken teachers to observe educators at other charter, district or private schools; attend conferences; or design and hold their own professional learning retreats. These offerings vary each year based on teacher interest and school priorities.

Peer Observation and Feedback

Our classroom doors are always open! We embrace constructive feedback to improve our instruction. On any given day, teachers observe each other and debrief to share ideas and strategies.


Workout takes our faculty meetings to a new level. Originally inspired by Jack Welch, workouts are sessions in which teachers and staff identify school-wide problems and tap into our collective wisdom to develop solutions and continually improve our schools.