Teaching here is completely different from anything you've ever experienced.

HVA is at the leading edge of deeper learning.

We are the only charter schools in New York offering Montessori through the International Baccalaureate (IB). We guide our teachers to learn the theory and structures to teach students to be self-directed, engaged, independent thinkers. We are obsessed with exquisite instruction and compelling curriculum that pushes students to learn deeply.

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HVA values teachers as intellectuals.

We believe no calling is more noble than teaching and we view teachers as intellectuals. Teachers are thoughtfully supported through mentorship and collaboration with sophisticated colleagues and leaders. The hard work of every teacher is seen and valued.

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HVA is a small, caring community.

We are a close community where everyone knows one another and enjoys a special kind of esprit de corps! This is a place where we truly live by our values. We put a great deal of care into our collegial relationships. Teachers are close with leaders and teachers feel respected and cared for.

Our Values

HVA is a great
place to work.

  • Competitive pay and robust benefits including healthcare, retirement, and more.
  • Culturally responsive teaching, diversity, inclusion and equity are central to our work.
  • Exceptional colleagues who push and inspire one another each and every day.
  • Extensive professional development opportunities.
  • Master’s degree and certification offered at the Deeper Learning Institute, HVA’s graduate program housed in a beautiful brownstone on our campus.

A message from our founder, deborah kenny

As a student, a mother, and a teacher, I have always believed that exquisite instruction matters more than anything else that happens in a school. It is so inspiring to be in the presence of an amazing teacher. I love watching a teacher light up about a subject. I love watching teachers push students to do the hard thinking for themselves. And I love learning from the individual style of each teacher. It is teachers who make a school great.

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Out of all the schools I’ve worked in, this is the community I feel closest to and most supported by.

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HVA is a community filled with loving, smart individuals who put students first.

Current Opportunities

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We are always looking for talented people who are deeply aligned with our mission; feel free to contact us.


Job Title Category Department
Special Education Coordinator Inclusion/Special Education Elementary School Apply
2024-25 Art Teacher Instruction Elementary/Middle School Apply
2024-25 Elementary Grades K-2 Lead Teacher Instruction Elementary School Apply
2024-25 Elementary Teacher Instruction Elementary School Apply
2024-25 Middle School Special Education Teacher Instruction Middle School Apply
2024-25 PreK Montessori Assistant Teacher Instruction Elementary School Apply
Network Director of Special Education School-Based Support Network Apply
Associate Dean of Student and Family Affairs School Leadership Elementary School Apply
Managing Director of Talent Shared Services Network Apply

The Deeper Learning Institute

We are a community of educators and activists with a passion for deeper learning and a commitment to social justice. We select graduate students who share our vision and are willing to put in the hard work to achieve it.

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Space is limited but there’s still time to apply for PreK–6th grade for Fall 2024. Don’t miss out!


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HVA is at the leading edge of deeper learning. Explore opportunities to teach with our passionate, caring community of educators.